Our strategy

Our management guidance

We successfully operate 36 hotels in Japan. And we are planning to expand our business with 47 newly opened hotels in Asia market, and other area including Japan.
First , we plan to develop 15 properties in Thailand , Myanmar and Indonesia within the next five years.
Mizuho Financial Group and Mitsubishi Tokyo Financial Group evaluated us as an excellent company in Japan.
We are targeting to list stocks on the stock market in Thailand and Indonesia.


The reason of the advance into Asian market

1. We regard Thailand , Myanmar and Indonesia which Japan has a strong mutual relationship in various business as the advance countries.

2. Our business advantage into Thailand , Myanmar and Indonesia
  • A. The demand of accommodation for the Japanese business travelers exceed seriously over its supply.
  • B. There are a number of general contracts locally in these three countries which are familiar with Japanese architectural style and also a number of Japanese general contracts have advanced into them.
  • C. The local construction cost is a half or one-third of Japanese standard.
  • D. A unit price per room is as high as a price in Japan in spite of the low construction cost.

Our company will promote hotel business strongly into there three countries with the reasons A to D above.